Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Christmas Drink Driving Snowballs

It's nearly Christmas time and with Christmas comes the Government's annual don't drink driving campaign.

This year they are highlighting the drink driving snowball effect.  While a Drink Driving Snowball sounds like it might be a nice cocktail it is in fact the process by which a decision to drink and drive leads to arrest, court appearance, conviction, loss of driving licence and then snowballs into a loss of job, loss of home and the break-up of the offenders family.

It sounds dramatic, but many employers do require you to hold a valid driving licence, meaning that if you lose yours you put your job at risk even if you don't regularly drive for work.  From there it's quite obvious how that can progress to the other consequences.

There is also a further problem for anyone thinking of changing jobs.  The employer to whom you are applying may require you to disclose your convictions and a drink driving conviction will make it much harder for you to find work.

You can read the Government's press release here.

Your best chance of avoiding a drink driving conviction is not to drive after drinking alcohol, but life isn't always like that.  If you are arrested for drink driving, failing to provide or being drunk in charge then call an expert drink driving solicitor and give yourself the best chance of avoiding the snowball effect this Christmas.

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