Sunday, 20 November 2016

Women more likely to be targeted by police in drink driving crack down

Woman breath tested on suspicion of drink driving
A third of all motoring offences committed by women involve drink driving

Now that we’re in late November the Christmas season is upon us (whether we like it starting so early or not) and companies, offices and friends will be getting together for the annual Christmas party.

The police know this – they’ll be having parties of their own – and they know that people get drunk at the Christmas party so they’ll be on the lookout for people drink driving on their way home afterwards.

Figures released by the insurance industry show that more than a third of driving offences committed by women are for drink driving and those most likely to drink and drive are in the 45 to 60 year age bracket.  Because women are so much more likely to commit a drink driving offence than any other type of motoring offence it seems likely that police officers on the lookout for drink drivers will target women in that age bracket.

Although most drink drivers are in their middle age, male drink drivers are most likely to be between 25 and 34 years old. Many people think that it is the young, inexperienced novice drivers who are most likely to drink and drive, but the figures show that the under-20s are the least like to commit an offence, along with those aged 61 and over.

A police officer in uniform has the power to require any vehicle to stop. He or she does not need to have a reason for stopping the car so long as they are acting in the execution of their duty. They do NOT have the power to require a breath test without good reason, this means that while they can conduct random stops they cannot conduct random drink driving tests. The police DO have the power to require a breath specimen at the side of the road if they suspect you have committed a drink driving offence – refusal to provide the specimen is a criminal offence that carries penalty points and a fine, the court has the power to disqualify you from driving as well.

Penalties for drink driving are harsh and courts take no account of whether a disqualification from driving will cause you to lose your job and home so, as always, our advice is not to drive if you have been drinking. But, if you have been accused of drink driving or any of the associated offences, such as failing to provide a specimen, being drunk in charge and so on, you can rely on the expertise of London Drink Driving Solicitor to provide you with the best possible defence at a reasonable cost.

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