Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Client feedback

 Man providing anonymous online feedback
Anonymous online feedback helps us ensure we provide the best service
We have always asked people for feedback on a variety of topics ranging from the quality of the advice and representation they received to questions about professionalism, costs and convenience.  But, historically we always struggled to get responses to our paper surveys, which is why this year we moved to an online feedback form that clients, former clients and even people who decide against instructing us can complete quickly and easily - incidentally, we love hearing from people who don't choose us because their feedback can really shape how we approach potential clients in the future to ensure that people who come to us are receiving the service they really want.

So far, we've only had a few responses to our survey - not the thousands that John Lewis probably receive every week - but the responses have all been positive.  A low number isn't a surprise to us because we are a small bespoke practice that takes very few cases per year compared to the larger warehouse-style firms that churn our cases quickly by simply handing them to contractors to deal with. 

It's worth saying that the surveys are entirely anonymous; we have no way of knowing who has completed the survey once our computer automatically sends out a link.

So far everybody who responded said that we are "extremely professional" and everybody agreed that we are either "extremely convenient" or "very convenient" to use.  Since all of our client meetings take place at a location convenient to our client, such as their home or work, that isn't too much of a surprise.  Every client and former client who responded has said that we are either "extremely responsive" or "quite responsive" to questions about their case.

We are thrilled to be able to say that 100% of respondents said that they were "extremely satisfied" with London Drink Driving Solicitors work.  100% also said that we were able to answer their question or solve their problem "extremely well".

We are really pleased that 75% of respondents rated our service either "a great deal better" or "quite a bit better" than the service they have received from other solicitors.  The remaining 25% said they "did not know".

In terms of price, 50% said that our fees were "somewhat lower" than our competitors while 25% said they were "quite a bit lower".  Nobody thought we are more expensive than other motoring law solicitors they spoke to about their cases.

It is very early days in the running of this survey but so far the results are excellent.  We will be taking on board comments about how we can improve even further and aim to go on providing every client we meet with the best possible service.

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