Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Summer drink driving clampdown

Police are cracking down on people who get behind
the wheel after a drink

Police forces across the country have launched their summer crack down on drink driving offences, beginning with a "month of action for June".

As the sun finally comes out to play across the UK, police forces expect to be busier than ever hunting down people they suspect of drink driving.  Chief Constable Suzette Davenport, said:
"We shall be better equipped than ever this summer and we will be ready for action to keep the road network safe, whether it be at night or the morning after."
But, police don't always get it right - in 2012 157,000 drivers were breath tested, of which just 4.6% tested positive or refused to provide and were arrested!  In the summer of 2014, police achieved a slightly better hit rate of 6.45% out of 63,688 breath tests.  We don't have figures for those who were convicted following arrest but our experience tells us that there are many things that can lead an innocent person to be wrongly accused of drink driving.

As specialist drink driving solicitors we meet a lot of people who have got behind the wheel above the drink driving limit and one of the things we can do is help them minimise their sentence.  One thing we find consistently is that people over-estimate the amount of alcohol they can drink and remain below the drink driving limit.  This is as true of the young as it is of the old and we don't see any significant difference between men and women making this mistake.

The best advice we can give is not to drive after consuming any alcohol.  But, if it's too late for that and you have already made a mistake - or been wrongly accused - then call us on 020 8242 4440 (London) or 01869 866 490 (Oxford/Thames Valley) and get the drink driving experts on your side today.

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